Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How To Treat Hyperpigmentation

Finding the right treatment for hyperpigmentation can very difficult because there are many factors involved. Such as hormones, which us Estheticians have no control over. One thing that must be addressed is your sun habits and you must avoid any exposure if any progress needs to be made. Before going outside make sure you apply an SPF 15-30 sunscreen everyday.
Home Care for Hyperpigmentation (according to Milady)

1. Cleanse with a product appropriate for your skin type.

2. Use a toner that is appropriate for your skin.

3. Apply an AHA product, usually a gel of 8%-10% AHA concentration.

4. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 15, usually with a physical sunscreen agent and built in moisturizer. If you work outdoors the sunscreen should be water-resistant.

5. At night follow the same instructions. However you don't need to use a toner or sunscreen at nighttime. Just a good moisturizer instead.
Before you go out to purchase any products I would highly recommend seeing an Esthetician first, because there are many other factors that may cause hyperpigmentation.

Please be patient!
Hyperpigmentation is hard to treat and can take months before there is a change in your skin's appearance. You must be consulted consistently and diligent with your home care and spa treatments. Most importantly, all treatments should be non-agressive and non-irritating.

AHA's = Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Many are found in nature and as a result are sometimes referred to as fruit acids. When applied to the skin as part of a skin care regimen, alpha hydroxy acids loosen the outer layer of dead skin cells. source

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